clock-icon   October 26, 2021

Buttock Augmentation Surgery


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: So we’ve made the skin incision here and this is gonna hide in the crack once it’s filled up by the implant. We’ve got skin lifted up; we’ve got fat lifted up now we’re dissecting down toward the muscle. See the yellow fat layer up now, now you see this white glistening layer of fascia over the gluteus maximus muscle. We’re going to divide the gluteus maximus muscle to create a pocket in the middle to place the implant. We put the implants deep inside the muscle. Look at this thick layer of brown, almost three centimeters there, of muscle we’re going to place on top of the implant, that helps keep it soft and natural feeling. So we’re using this duck-bill retractor that we’re sliding in here and gently spreading the muscle apart bluntly, and you can see this nice bloodless plane that we’re creating. So we’re washing this out with three different antibiotics: bacitrin, ancef, and gentamicin to make sure we have an absolutely sterile pocket for the implant. So people often ask if the implant’s under the muscle. It’s not under it’s actually in the middle. You’ll see muscle down here and muscle up there. It’s truly a muscle sandwich around the implant. You can also look inside here and see that there’s absolutely no bleeding. AART style 3 size 10 round gluteal implant. See how soft it is, really feels very similar to a natural muscular butt. Implant in. It’s important you see we have this wound covered with ioban. This is a special dressing, totally sterile and impregnated with antibiotics to prevent any bacteria from touching that implant on the way in. The process now of closing the muscle over the implant. You see we’ve closed the bottom half, and the bottom half of the implant is totally covered, now we’re going to close the top half with muscle over it. So you see how we’re bringing the muscle together just like that with our sutures over the implant. You see now before we start to close the fat and the skin that we’ve got the implant totally covered by muscle. This is critical for a number of reasons: Number 1, it’s going to prevent infection; number 2, it’s going to keep the implant feeling very soft; and number 3, it’s gonna dramatically decrease the ability of the implant to move, rotate, or flip. All in all, I firmly believe this is the best way to do a gluteal augmentation with implants. Alright, so we have the first side finished. Look at how beautiful this buttocks is compared to the flat side over here. She’s gonna really love this. We’re going to do the same thing on that side now.

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