clock-icon   November 2, 2021

Why HIIT Is Good for Weight Loss

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the fastest ways to burn fat. This type of training involves training in short intervals at your peak performance. Your body keeps burning calories after your workout as well as during your rest time.

Your goal should be to work out at 90% of your maximum, which will train your body to get into anerobic mode. This will help you become more efficient at energy usage. Your body’s potential to burn more fat increases, and the weight will slide off.

The after-burn effect helps you shed calories even when you’re just sitting and relaxing after a HIIT workout. During those short bursts of intense training, your resting metabolism rate increases, so doing a 20-minute workout will allow you to burn more calories during the rest of the day than if you took it easy. The key is to max out the benefits. During strength training, focus on your form to make sure you do each rep correctly and quickly.

Read on to discover four excellent HIIT workouts to get you on the road to burning fat fast!


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