clock-icon   October 29, 2021

Dallas’s Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure: Get Active and Learn About the City!

By Sacha Obaid

If you are going to be in or around Dallas this summer, then you may want to check out this amazing scavenger hunt adventure from Urban Adventure Quest! Until July 26, 2016, Dallas is turning itself into a giant game board so that tourists and adventure-seekers can get active and tour the city. Keep reading to learn more about the super fun adventure that you and your friends or family can have in Dallas this summer!

Scavenger Details

Whether you are with a group of friends or your family, Dallas’s amazing scavenger hunt adventure is a great way to spend a day outside. Put on your tennis shoes, and get ready to get your heart rate up with a fun, three-hour tour of the city! Explore downtown Dallas or the Dallas Arts District. This scavenger hunt runs from sunrise to sunset and can be completed in one day or in a few days over your entire vacation.

amazing scavenger hunt adventureAll you need is a smartphone and a team in order to start this fantastically fun scavenger hunt. Your smartphone will guide you through the hidden gems of the city as you and your team solve clues and complete challenges in order to find your next destination. This scavenger hunt will allow you and your team to learn a bit about Dallas and its local history. Plus, it will keep you off the couch and active.

The Importance of Staying Active

Even if you are on vacation, it’s essential (and fun!) for you and your family to stay active. Walking around and exploring Dallas is a great way to do so. It’s also a unique way to change up your normal exercise routine and get some other people involved. That way, you can feel totally guilt-free about eating some of the phenomenal delicacies Dallas has to offer.

Through this three-hour tour of Dallas, you’ll keep your body moving and ensure that you and your family stay on top of your fitness (and your scavenger hunt) game. Plus, you won’t even realize you are exercising as you walk around the city and learn all about Dallas’s history and its cool hangout spots.

If you love the television show The Amazing Race, then it’s time to check out Dallas’s amazing scavenger hunt adventure. It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in the city. Through this tour, you and your friends or family can spend a day exercising and learn all about Dallas and its history. Plus, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition between team members?


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