clock-icon   October 26, 2021

4 Common Reasons Women Consider Breast Implants and Lift

Breast augmentation is one of the top plastic surgeries in the United States. Women from every state flock to the offices of their plastic surgeons to finally achieve the breasts they’ve imagined for themselves.

There are many reasons why women desire breast implants and lift. Let’s review!


One of the most common reasons that women get breast implants is to boost self-esteem. Many women have been unhappy with their breasts their entire lives. Unfortunately, some have even experienced bullying due to their bust size. A breast augmentation can lead to a boost in a woman’s self-confidence and her self-esteem, helping her to live a happier, more well-adjusted life.

Improved Appearance In (and Out of) Clothes

Women know what they want when they see it! Many celebrities have larger, shapelier breasts and look fabulous in their clothes (and out of them). Many women desire a similar look, and a breast augmentation can help them achieve the look they desire!

Breast implants and lift picCorrection of Breasts Due to Genetics or Pregnancies

The third most common reason women undergo breast augmentation or a breast lift is to correct their look. Over time, pregnancies and genetics can leave a woman’s breasts looking less perky and youthful. Genetics may cause some women to have underdeveloped or uneven breasts, while pregnancy can lead to sagging and deflated breasts. Many of these issues can be significantly improved with breast augmentations or lifts.

Reconstruction of Breasts after Trauma or Cancer

Breast cancer is a horrific disease that can leave women longing for breast reconstruction. While fighting cancer, some women must make the difficult decision to undergo partial or full mastectomies in order to save their lives. Once they have recovered from cancer, these women often long for the busts they once had and turn towards breast reconstruction to regain their appearances. Through breast reconstruction, women who have survived breast cancer or other traumas to the chest can celebrate their successes and look fantastic.

Whether a woman wants fuller breasts or the breast shape she once had, there are plastic surgery procedures that can help her get the breasts she’s always wanted. A successful augmentation or lift can help make women feel happy and confident with their bodies. If you have been considering breast implants and lift, contact Dr. Obaid to discuss your options, with a complimentary consult.

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