clock-icon   November 3, 2021

Breast Lift

Dr. Obaid and staff were beyond friendly, knowledgable, and personable (a good thing). I was comfortable the minute I walked in. Pricing was very competitive, and the scheduling was also very easy and they were very willing to work around calendar issues we had. BUT, most importantly Dr. Obaid saw what I saw. A self conscious issue with my breasts and insecurity I’ve had since I was 17. I had breast augmentation in 2002 to fix it. It wasn’t. He was the FIRST surgeon to listen, see, acknowledge, and empathize with my issues. And, he agreed! That’s what I needed to hear… not it’s not that bad.. you are too hard on yourself, etc.” That’s what us women need to hear… see what we see… listen to us…and, be confident you can fix it. Dr. Obaid did that – literally perfectly – and I am immensely happy with the results.At the age of 43 I feel like a new woman. A 26 year old insecure weight has been lifted from me. “*

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