clock-icon   October 26, 2021

10 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Fat Grafting

By Sacha Obaid

Fat grafting is a growing trend in plastic surgery that is used to heal scars, perform Brazilian butt lifts, and more. If you are thinking about visiting your doctor for a consultation on fat grafting, there are some questions you should ask.

The number-one question to ask is simply, “Are you board-certified?” If the answer is yes, don’t just take their word for it: Check whether the American Board of Medical Specialties has issued a board certification to your doctor.

Another important question to ask is how your surgeon processes the fat. Fat grafting is a multi-step process. If you get a short answer from your surgeon about their process, think about choosing a different practitioner.

Ask what vacuum pressure your surgeon uses for fat removal. The first step of the process of fat grafting is removing it by liposuction. Pressure is controlled by the surgeon. Your surgeon should easily know the answer to this question. If they don’t, consider it a red flag.

Ask what size cannula is used for liposuction. This is a long, slim piece of equipment that surgeons use to extract fat for liposuction. Your surgeon should know the diameter of the cannula used and the various holes it has.

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