Breast Implant Surgery


Before you get breast implants, you have to make many decisions regarding the type of procedure, implant material, and ideal breast shape and size after surgery. If you are considering undergoing breast implant surgery in Dallas, our North Texas Plastic Surgery team can work with you to customize your procedure.

We offer natural-looking breast augmentation surgery to give you the look and appearance that you desire. Call us today at (866) 936-2309 to hear more details on pricing and get started with a consultation.

Breast Augmentation Surgery for Women

Our board-certified plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation surgery by inserting implants within a woman’s natural breasts. Through this procedure, you can achieve more voluminous, lifted, and contoured breasts, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Sientra Implants

At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we use Sientra silicone gel breast implants.
Sientra implants are FDA approved and have an unrivaled safety profile, with some of the lowest complication rates clinically shown through a robust 10-year study. Not only are Sientra implants safe, but they are also backed by their Platinum 20™ warranty which provides the longest length of coverage (20 years – 2 times longer than any other implant brand), most financial assistance, and least restrictions in the industry.

Sientra implants are designed to hold their shape while maintaining a remarkably soft feel. With two surface types, over 340 implant options, and 5 projection levels, Sientra breast implants can help you see the look you’ve always wanted.

Schedule a Breast Implant Surgery Consultation Today

Schedule a Breast Implant Surgery Consultation Today

Breast augmentation with implants is excellent for adding volume to your breast to achieve your cosmetic goals. If you are considering this procedure, talk to us about the Sientra breast implants.

After breast implant surgery in Dallas, you could see a boost in your confidence and self-esteem. Contact North Texas Plastic Surgery today at (866) 936-2309 to schedule a consultation and discuss pricing.

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    “Breast Augmentation”
    Dr. Obaid listens to your wants and takes time to make sure you understand what will happen. He is very kind, compassionate and makes you feel very comfortable. Melissa is great. She is available to answer any questions 24/7. Dr. Obaid has a great team.*
    “Breast Augmentation”
    I loved how Dr. Obaid was clearly listening to my needs and wants, not his own. The surgical center was above my expetations and my experience was so much more pleasent then my 1st go round. I was at ease and treated with care at all times.*
    “Breast Augmentation”
    Me and all three of my friends were all satisfied with our boob job great doctor*
    “Breast Augmentation”
    Everyone was very help very nice.The office was always clean as was the hospital. I had a great experience.*
    “Breast Augmentation”
    Excellent experience with both the surgeon and surgeon's staff and hospital and staff where my surgery was performed.*

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